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Nocola received her doctorate degree in Teacher Leadership in 2011 but chose to remain in the elementary classroom for her entire 31-year teaching career. She retired from teaching in 2022, but still finds herself substituting and mentoring youth in her Southern Maryland community. Coming from a family of educators, it is no wonder Nocola fell in love with words and reading at a very early age. She enjoys writing poetry and short stories. Her first book, Freddie the Flounder, was written in 1992, but was not published until 2022. Nocola and her husband Quincy, and the rest of the family are transforming their backyard into a mini homestead, complete with a garden, chickens, and of course honeybees, all of which provide Nocola great inspiration for writing.

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Nocola and her husband Quincy are literally transforming their backyard into a mini- homestead, which is the inspiration for several upcoming books. They currently raise honeybees and chickens. 

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During the spring of 2020, during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, The Hip Hop Homestead was born. We decided to start a backyard homestead to relieve some of the stress brought on by the lock-down. Listening to music while working on projects outside was just what the doctor ordered. Our spirits were lifted, and our creativity was ignited. Many books and songs  have been inspired by our family time

On The Hip Hop Homestead.


The Hip Hop Homestead

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