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Southern Maryland Teachers

Want to Bring Freddie the Flounder to Your School

at a Discounted Rate?

(One contact person per school)
Where is your school located?

Thanks for submitting!


School Incentives

If your school community purchases:

                    Level 1

50 Books =     * 1 (one) Hardcover book                        donated to your school                        library

                  * A Freddie the Flounder                        sticker with every purchase

                  Level 2

100 Books =    * All Level 1 Incentives

                  * Each participating                             classroom will receive a                       paperback copy for the                       teacher

                     Level 3

200 Books =     * All Level 1 incentives

                    * All Level 2 incentives

                    * A Freddie the Flounder                        pin for every order


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