Welcome to the Hive!

I love to write! When an idea pops into my head, I need to get it down on paper before it is lost forever. I will write on anything: a receipt, an envelope, a napkin from a fast-food restaurant, or even my hand. My favorite tools are a good old-fashioned #2 pencil and a composition notebook. Even when I start writing a manuscript for a new children's book, I aways write all of my ideas with paper and pencil first. I let those ideas come to life in my notebook. I make countless revisions before I even type the document on my computer. So much of what I write gets left in the pages of my notebooks, never to be read by anyone but me.

So, I decided I would start writing and sharing about what is happening on The Hip Hop Homestead with all of you. This blog will be the place where you can learn about our upcoming book projects. And it will be the place I share what's happening with our backyard projects like the honeybees, chickens, composting, garden, and pond.