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The first book in the series follows Freddie as he goes on a quest to find his parents who were swished away in a strong current.


Teacher and mom approved

As an elementary teacher and a parent of a toddler who loves to read, I can honestly say this is an amazing book! I read it to my class today and they were so engaged. They loved the rhymes and the colorful pictures. The first time I read it to my toddler he said, “that was a really great book”! He loved learning the number words and asked me to read it 3 more times that night! It is definitely going to be a favorite in our house! Nocola Williams is a new author to watch out for! She will be a household name before you know it! Freddie is a cute character with an adorable little snaggle tooth! I hope to see more from her soon.



Never give up!

This beautiful book has a great story line, and rhymes! Best of all, it has a very important message for children of all ages. Never give up!

- Erin Vail

Freddie the Flounder Paperback

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